"I've never seen you so beautiful
asleep on your sea
you're like a story I can't tell."
(Venetian folk song by Pallesi-Malgoni)

It's only 5 minutes between the peaceful tranquility in Calle Venier to the seething crowds at the market and on the Rialto bridge, hopping across the calli, campielli and sòtoporteghi (the typical Venetian passageways). But it could take longer because... losing yourself in Venice is always fun!

When you're headed to a once in a lifetime event in nearby St. Mark's Square, to shop in the Missoni or Armani fashion boutiques or visit the Correr museum, don't forget to stop by the Bacino Orseolo. In addition to be a wonderful show of lights and reflections, the singing gondoliers who “serenade” you as you float around Venice leave from this dock in the heart of the city.